Guidelines regarding comments

The aim of this blog is to provide you with the latest information about our Affiliate program and make it possible for you to contribute to various discussions. Anyone is welcome to exchange posts, videos and pictures with us and other users. However, the following general guidelines have to be observed:


Treat other users the way you want to be treated. Be friendly, fair and tolerant!

Always bear in mind that the users you come in contact with are real and not virtual persons. Strong arguments in a discussion are allowed, however no personal abuse or arguments are tolerated.

Insults, sexual allusions and sexist or racist comments are forbidden.

The deletion of comments or reporting of the user to the operator of the platform can result as a consequence from the following actions:

Abuse as means of advertising for other websites or services

Automatic publication of comments

Commercial or private offers of goods or services

Racism and hatred propaganda

Instigation to violence against people, institutions or companies


Insulting or degrading people in any way

Violation of rights of third parties, especially of copyrights

Instigation to demonstrations and manifestations, regardless of political orientation

Comments which do not refer to commented posts

Posts or links, which contain self-promotion or advertisements for third-party products

Inappropriate and unallowable use of our logo

Data protection

Through Social media you can share information and thoughts with many people. Therefore, we ask you to observe the data protection policy. This also includes treating data which belongs to a third party in a prudent manner. Comments in which personal information is mentioned, such as betting account numbers, names, email addresses or telephone numbers belonging to third parties shall be deleted. Also, it is in your own interest not to make your private data public.

Disclaimer of liability

Comments to our posts only reflect the opinion of the individual users. The Group does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and comprehension of these contents. Each user is responsible for their published posts. We reserve the right to make any necessary content-related modifications.

Editorial time`s Affiliates Team makes every effort to answer to your questions and suggestions as soon as possible. For any queries outside our editorial time (Monday – Thursday 9.00 a.m.-3.00 p.m., Friday 9.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.) or on weekends and holidays, please contact our affiliate support directly at

Your Affiliates Team

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