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We offer a variety of bet-at-home marketing materials in different sizes and languages to fit your needs in order to promote bet-at-home successfully. Sometimes it can be tough to find exactly what you need, which is why we have compiled this blog post to give you an even better insight into how you can find the bet-at-home marketing materials that are just what you were looking for. Moreover, there is a questionnaire at the end where you can tell us which topics you would like to know more about!

Rules and Regulations

First of all, it is important that through all of the promotion that you do for bet-at-home you always abide by the regulations listed in our terms and conditions. The Affiliate Partner is solely responsible for the distribution, content and the nature of their marketing activities. All marketing activities must be professional and proper, as well as lawfully operated in compliance with the applicable laws as well as this Affiliate Partner Agreement. If you have any doubts about a promotion that you are planning, please reach out to , we will be happy to assist you with your question.

Where to find your bet-at-home marketing materials

You can find all of the marketing materials available to you, once you log into your Affiliate Account. This information was given to you when you first registered however should you not be able to log in, please reach out to the mail mentioned above.

Once logged in, a button named “Marketing Tools” can be found on the left side of your screen beneath “Home”. The dropdown will reveal the option “Get your promotional materials” which is where those materials can be found.

The search bar enables you to filter according to AD ID, name, language etc.

By clicking on the “plus symbol” next to the search result of your choice it will open up to show the direct link as well as a java script code you can use to integrate the marketing materials on your website.

How to know if a link is correct

When you use a direct link it always contains the following parameters which let you know if the link will track correctly. Generally, all of the links that you see in your account automatically have the correct tracking.

AffID – this should show your Affiliate ID
AD ID – this will show the AD ID corresponding to the ad that you chose
Site ID – this should also reflect one of your site IDs created in your account

Change Site IDs

Moreover, you can exchange the Site ID in a link by selecting the correct one in the drop down above your search results. Don’t forget to click update in order for the selected Site ID to show up in each link.

Update your links

Has it been a while since you have integrated your tracking links on your website? Make sure to check regularly if any of the links have changed or are not available anymore. This will ensure that the tracking links works smoothly and you will not miss out on any revenue!

What would you like to know more about?

We want to know which topics you are interested in! Please leave a comment telling us what information we should go more into detail in the weeks to follow.

We are looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

All the best,

Your bet-at-home Affiliate Team

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